Author: Darren Gouk

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Top 5 Best Healthy Snacks For Kids!

Now a days it is hard to find healthy snack for your children. Fastfood is most of the time even cheaper than healthy food.. We have listed for you the top 5 best healthy...

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Top 5 Ways to Praise your Kids!

Lately parents are becoming more addicted to praising your kids. But as you try to make them feel good about themselves 24-7, you actually may be harming them. When you applaud your child for...

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Top 5 Discipline Mistakes Parents Make!

It’s human to make mistakes, and to sometimes discipline mistakes is a part of being a parent. The next time your child misbehaves and you find yourself losing your cool, yelling your head off,...

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Top 5 Ways To End Picky Eating!

Having a picky eater on your hands can make you want to pull your hair out at every meal or give up and call out for pizza. It’s not only frustrating, but you may...

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Top 5 Tips To Get Your Kid To Sleep!

Sleep trouble isn’t just an adult problem; kids have trouble getting to sleep, too. And they usually keep their parents up with them! Bedtime can become a battle when little bodies don’t bide by...

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Top 5 Ways to Raise a Compassionate Child!

When your kid is a toddler, it’s easy to fear that she may turn out to be a tyrant. Hitting, biting, screaming, grabbing toys away from pals: It’s all typical toddler behavior. And it’s developmentally...

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