9 Ways to Learn Maths Successfully and in A Fun Way

Darren Gouk

Dr Darren Gouk is the co-founder and CEO of My Aone Learning. We believe "Anyone Can Teach, Everyone Can Learn".

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2 Responses

  1. Yau Ching Koon says:

    Nice article although it seems to be intended for more mature students. Learning mathematics begins at a young age and young children may not be able to grasp the key points in your article. Some matured students would agree with your article but because they were not brought up with strong mathematics foundation, some would find mathematics intimidating at more advanced level. Perhaps, it is easier to prevent poor mathematics foundation than to cure them at a latter time.

    Just a suggestion: Write something for parents with young children. How can they help their children to gain the best experience in learning mathematics.

    • My Aone Learning says:

      Thank you very much for your suggestion, Yau.
      We definitely will write more articles focussing on young children in near future.

      Thanks again =)

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